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Porto Martins is a special place. It´s a very calm and nice place to stay. Plus there's plenty of things you can do here, from swimming or diving in crystal clear waters, going for a walk on it's boardwalk by the seashore, surfing great waves, fishing along the coast or even climbing the mount of Pico do Capitão which rewards you with a breathtaking view. 


The parish has great accesses and a great location, being just a mere distance of 10 minutes from Praia da Vitória City and 20 minutes from the World Heritage City of Angra do Heroísmo by car. Being close to both Terceira cities means that one can quickly and easily go for a shopping or a wander in each city. 

Terceira Touristic Map

Located between Praia da Vitória and Angra do Heroísmo cities, Porto Martins offers the perfect combination for those who seek for a calm place by the seashore and proximity to the main attractions of the island.


Both cities have great places to visit and also great restaurants and bars where you can taste the best azorean food and have a drink with gorgeous views. Either cities frequently host cultural events where you can also have a taste of our culture.


Last but not least, on the way between Praia and Angra you have lots of interesting places to visit and great restaurants too. 



The subtropical climate of the Azores is known for having mild temperatures over the year, with average temperatures ranging from 12 to 18º C during winter and 22 to 26º C during summer. The sea water temperatures are also mild with average temperatures of 15º C during winter and a pleasing 22º C during summer.  


As a subtropical climate, it is humid with frequent light showers. There's a local saying that states that in the Azores you have the 4 seasons in the same day, so normally the showers don't last for too long and in most days we have sunshine. The overall summer is sunny.

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Porto Martins is considered to have a micro climate and is sheltered from strong winds due to the hills that surround the place, thus the weather here is nice most of the time. Check out the weather forecast.

Porto Martins Map
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Porto Martins  

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