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Estrada de Santa Margarida, 66

Porto Martins

9760-129 Praia da Vitória

Terceira, Azores, Portugal

Tel: +351 967 184 117



Meet your hosts Ilídio Gomes and Paulo Gomes, father and son, owners of the apartments.


Ilídio, 77 years old is a former TV Station operator that is passionate about fishing, sailing, playing guitar and painting. Ilídio has a painting atelier just downstairs on the first floor where he also lives.


Paulo, 35 years old is an environmental engineer that is passionate about nature, the ocean, surfing and also a musician that learned from his father. Paulo plays in 3 local bands, an alternative rock band, an azorean music folk band and a tuna (typical portuguese and spanish university musical groups). So whenever you wish to see a live concert just talk to us.   




During the whole year there are direct flights from Lisbon to Terceira on a daily basis operated by TAP Portugal and Azores Airlines. There are also weekly direct flights from Oporto.


Ryanair actually has 4 direct flights per week from Lisbon and 2 from Oporto.

During summer the direct connections to USA (Boston, MA and Oakland, CA) and Canada (Toronto) are ensured by Azores Airlines.

During the whole year, there are also flights that connect all the Azores islands to Terceira on a daily basis by Azores Airlines.


If you are already on the Azores but on other island, you can also get to Terceira by ferry boat. During the summer season there are regular ferry boats that connect all the islands operated by Atlânticoline.

Click the button bellow to know more.

Yes, there is another alternative and affordable way of getting here. It is possible to fly to Ponta Delgada (São Miguel island) via low cost companies like Ryanair and get a FREE connecting flight to Terceira by SATA Air Azores. Click the button below to know more.


Once in Terceira it's easy to get here. We have a printable road guide available below. 


If you take a taxi cab, just give our address to the driver, it only takes 10 to 15 minutes to get here from the airport.


If you rent a car, you can also use the maps app on your smartphone, we are present on Google and Apple maps. When you arrive at the apartments site, you will see a board with our logo at the entrance.


If you have any difficulties getting here, please feel free to call us, we will gladly assist you.


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Our Address

Estrada de Santa Margarida, 66

Porto Martins  

9760-129 Praia da Vitória

Terceira, Azores, Portugal

Contact Us

+351 967 184 117

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