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Having the ocean at your door means lots of potential fun things to do. We want our guests to enjoy this place to its fullest so we provide gear that supports some of the most popular activities you can do here*.


We also have partnerships with specialists in tourism activities, so you can enjoy your stay in Terceira island to it's fullest.   



Explore the underwater wonders of Porto Martins bay, we have diving goggles and swim fins rental at your disposal. Please contact us for more information.

Surfing at Porto Martins

Porto Martins is an excellent place for surfing, in addiction to that there's a lot of surf spots around. We have surf and bodyboard gear at your disposal. Please contact us for more information. 


There are a lot of interesting places to visit around Porto Martins which makes this a great place for bike riding. We have mountain bikes for rent at your disposal. Please contact us for more information.

*Non guided activities



AzoresTouch is a company that together with its partners

has the capability of offering every kind of activity available in Terceira island. Their mission is to ease your access to all the services and activities available (some of them exclusive!)

so that your vacations, in contact with our nature, culture, history and people are unforgettable. 

They work under the slogan: 

"We don't receive visits, we make friends"


Imagine yourself sailing on a boat in the middle of the atlantic, seeing the island from the ocean, watching whales and dolphins along the way or simply going out for a fishing session and at the end of the day relaxing to a breathtaking sunset view from the ocean.  

With Mar Vela e Sol you can turn this wish into a reality!


Check out their webpages below to know more.

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Explore the wonders of the azorean seas even further and take your diving experience to a whole new level with Octopus Diving Center. They offer a great variety of experiences suited for all kinds of divers, from first time beginners to experienced divers.

By staying in Porto Martins Bay Apartments you get discounts on their activities.

Dive into the Azorean Blue...  

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