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If you are one of those persons that likes to go for a walk after dinner or at sunset, then Porto Martins is the right place for you. This oceanside boardwalk is 1.5 km long and pleases it's users with spectacular views. 


Along the way, you'll find that the boardwalk is embellished with trees and reused materials, an artwork by the parish council. For example, the trash bins are little wine barrels. 


The boardwalk starts near the apartments. Not too further ahead lies the natural pool, as the boardwalk passes right by. Here, by the natural pool you find Búzius Restaurant, a nice place to have lunch or dinner with the ocean view. A little bit further you are at the edge of Ponta Negra headland where you start to see the 3 sisters islets and a big rocky cliff in the distance, a gorgeous landscape. Further more you enter another bay, here, whenever surf's up, you see the surfers riding long blue waves. And finally you end at Porto de São Fernando, a little fishing harbor where you can see the fisher's monument, a tile board with fish species of the azores and some traditional small fishing boats made of wood.


By the way, the boardwalk is illuminated, so you can walk even at night. Check out the pictures below. 



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